Favorite statistics resources

A running list of some of my favorite online statistics resources – including blog posts, visualizations, interactive simulations, and text books.

Blog posts & cheat sheets

Common statistical tests are linear models: A really clear explanation of how many common statistical tests can be conceptualized as types of linear regressions.

An Introduction to Hierarchical Modeling: An excellent visualization of random intercepts and slopes in multilevel models

Rpsychologist: Nice clean visualizations of key concepts.


Teacups, giraffes, & statistics: A wonderful intro-to-stats website.

Seeing Theory: A visual textbook with interactive visualizations of key concepts.

Learning Statistics with R: Self explanatory name, a great free and open source textbook.

Statistical Thinking for the 21st Century: Another great open source statistics textbook.

Mixed Models with R: An introduction to mixed-effect models in R.

Introduction to Multilevel Modelling: Another nice introduction to mixed-effect models in R.

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