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A Short Bio

I’m a 6th year PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Program at Washington University in St Louis, where I work with Dr. Ryan Bogdan and Dr. Deanna Barch. I’m interested in understanding the neural mechanisms through which psychiatric risk emerges and characterizing putative psychiatric neural biomarkers. Studies in the former category have focused on the effects of stress (laboratory-induced and early-life) and circadian variation (genetic, sleep, and time of day) on reward and affective processes. Studies in the latter category have examined structural associations with addiction-related phenotypes, with an emphasis on replication across large cross-sectional samples. I plan to complete my dissertation in the spring of 2018, and will then begin a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Erika Forbes, University of Pittsburgh.

Outside of work you can find me rock climbing, backpacking, and at indie-electronic shows. I also help lead Neuroscience Outreach.

Email: dbaranger@wustl.edu

My CV: David Baranger_CV_2018


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